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- audio kit, why oh why?

Why is it that some people feel the need to put their audio kit online? Is it because they have a burning desire to share those model numbers with the world at large? Or is it because people have actually e-mailed them and said 'what so-and-so do you use'? Believe it or not, in my case it's the latter...

So, sound comes in from various sources : two PC soundcards (a Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value something-or-other, and a £10 CMedia generic thing - the CMedia one is better), a Pioneer CMX3000 twin DJ deck, a Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc machine, two Technics SL1210 MkII turntables, an elderly Pioneer TX-130L tuner and a Beyer M201 microphone.. That all feeds into a Behringer DX 1000 mixing desk (which, for the record, is a smashing little mixer - ignore the people who moan about Behringer!) From there it travels down to an ancient Pye Hi-Fi Sound Project A 12000 amplifier and thence to a pair of Wharfedale CRS 3 speakers upstairs and a pair of Acoustic Research AR15s downstairs. Or if it's late at night, turn off the speakers and listen through the Beyer DT100 cans.

Or if that's too confusing, click here for a diagram.

Happy now? Good.