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to the only official home of Sam Holloway.

Thanks for dropping by the oft-celebrated (and occasionally updated) official internet residance of Sam Holloway. You're probably wondering what's behind those tastefully hued blue-and-white buttons to your left, so here's a run down...

Radio & The Last DJ : Every couple of weeks, I present a 45 minute podcast radio show featuring all sorts of great music: 60s pop, 70s soul and funk, 80s classics, 90s indie and many, many more! It's called The Last DJ, because I play what I want to play (in homage to a Tom Petty song). Listen to it now at

Live DJing : Looking for a DJ to play cheese, pop, dance or soul at your bop, ball or party in or around Cambridge? Want to hear a demo? Then go to the DJing page.

Records : I collect seven-inch singles and for some reason decided to create an online gallery of the company logo record sleeves that were ubiquitous in the 60s and 70s. You can find that here.

Sam : All homepages contain an ego-trip, so click here for some background information about me. If you were looking for the Sam Holloway you knew from school (RGS Newcastle), university (Christ's College, Cambridge) or work (ex-Cambridge Consultants, now a financial software developer), you've found me!

Misc. : A few odds and ends, some of which may even be useful for you.

Don't forget to drop me a line at and let me know what you think. I try to keep the important bits of the site updated, so check back soon and there may be something even more exciting for you to read...

Oh, and before you ask, I do not play keyboards for Silverchair. That's a different Sam Holloway. (If someone wants to provide me with a link to his webpage then I will put it here, especially if there's one from there back to mine.)

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