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bits & pieces that didn't fit elsewhere

To round off the site, here are a few odds and ends that don't really merit their own section, but I wanted to put on the web anyway. Maybe you've stumbled upon them during a web search and maybe even you found them useful or entertaining. Unlikely, I know, but hey...

  • Classic Albums - a weekly column I wrote for The Cambridge Student newspaper.
  • When Tunes Collide - pieces of music that were just destined to be together.
  • Audio File - all those cables behind my desk really do have a purpose.
  • Photos - original pictures and doctored efforts.
  • The Sam Holloway Show - four years of student radio fun, plus jingles!
I probably won't find time to keep these things up-to-date (or even get round to doing them), but if there's something you want contact me about, please go ahead.