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- The Cheese To Please

For the past seven years, I've been DJing around Cambridge at bops, balls and parties, playing a wide range of pop, cheese and dance. So if you're looking for someone to play at your event then why not get in touch? This page has details of where I've been, what you can expect to hear and how to arrange a booking.

Hear here!

  • Demo CD available - thirty minutes taken from a set I played earlier this year - just e-mail to request a copy.
  • or you can download a five-minute sample from the same demo (this is a 4MB MP3 file - if you have problems downloading or require a smaller file, just let me know).

Recent Gigs

The more social among you will have spotted me playing recently at:

  • May Balls - 2004: Newnham, Pembroke 2003: Robinson, Trinity Hall, Corpus, Pembroke, Darwin, 2002: Trinity, Clare, Selwyn, Pembroke, Christ's, 2001: Clare, Pembroke, Jesus
  • College Bops - Queens', Caius, Clare, Christ's, Selwyn, Pembroke, Jesus, Trinity, Newnham
  • Societies - CUR, CCBC, JCBC, CUBC, CU Lacrosse, Tadpoles, VetSoc, OTC
  • Events & Clubs - Cambridge Corn Exchange, APU Freshers' Week (Cambridge & Chelmsford), guest spots with Fat Poppadaddy's at The Fez & Po Na Na's, CU Freshers' Fair, RAG charity bops, private parties and more

Bizarrely, I've seen some people at nearly every event. They must be tired. Seemed to be enjoying themselves, though...


I play from a very wide range of tunes and styles, varying the mix to suit your requirements. There are two main sets I do:

  • The classic 'Cheese To Please' - a very wide range of great pop and dance : everything from current chart, late 90s pop, early 90s dance & indie, 80s favourites, a bit of 70s disco, right back to 60s motown - anything's possible!
  • Soul & Funk - a quality blend of classic soul, funk, boogaloo beats, maybe with a bit of hip-hop thrown in, but all firmly set on making the dancefloor move!

Or a combination of the two! Just let me know what you'd like.


Usually I just provide myself and the music. But I've got my own decks and mixer available, too. That just leaves the PA gear (speakers and amplifiers). If you've got those, great, otherwise I'll help you arrange to hire them.

Get booking!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now by e-mailing me on Rates are completely negotiable to suit your event budget. And if you're still unsure, I can send you a demo CD so you can hear it for yourself. But get in touch now, otherwise you could be missing out on having Cambridge's favourite cheese DJ playing for you!